Exactly a year ago, August 10th 2015, the Steer North Ride Team had it’s first official team meeting. 
I remember waking up at 5 am to Skype in from Beirut to be a part of the meeting taking place in Australia; for those who know me, they can confirm that there aren’t many things i sacrifice my sleep for. 

And oh what a journey it has been since…

I am ECSTATIC to announce that a year after that, I have reached my fundraising goal of 5,000$!! 
I couldn’t feel more fortunate for the support that i have gotten from each and every person who listened to my story of why I joined Steer North and what it has meant to me being part of this team. 
To each one of you who wanted to be a part of it someway somehow, who spent that dollar to support my cause, you have not only made a difference in my life, but BE PROUD to know that you have made your mark in the lives of people who are fighting with every power they have to continue their own journey of survival. 

The money I raise, along with every rider, will be going to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). It is where Maan was fighting his battle; so I cannot begin to explain how much it means to me to be supporting them in all that they do for cancer research, education, treatment and care. 

Now though, the “tough job” begins. For the past two months, our team has begun their official training guided by the wonderful David Heatley at Cycling Inform. Being away from Melbourne for a month really set me back, but I have been getting back into it any chance I get. For the next 16 weeks, until we set forth on our ride, the training will only get more and more intense. I have never struggled with anything athletic before, it has always been my forte, but it has been unlike anything I have done before; with the new challenges comes new obstacles that I hope/have to overcome, both physical and mental.

Come November, another ‘challenge’ has presented itself that I have wholeheartedly committed to. One that I have heard from different people will guarantee to change the way I look at not only the world but also at myself. As excited as I am about it, there are definitely feelings of insecurities that creep up every now and then, but nevertheless I shut them out and ‘stand tall; which is what I expect to do when I take on that challenge.

So until then, stay tuned..

I cannot wait to continue on this journey and see what comes next!