Steph Salazar

Ride: Melbourne To Sydney

Team: 2018

Raised: $800

Target: $3,500


Hello! My name is Steph Salazar and I’m a recently graduated Texas Longhorn living in Austin, TX. I’m extremely thankful you’ve taken time to look through my rider page.

I’m currently serving as an Americorps member and I am very interested in coffee, national service, and mid-2000s pop punk music. I’m nothing without my communities. Cancer has affected my communities in unimaginable ways, so thank you for supporting my journey in hopes to eradicate it. There is no room for cancer in this world.

I’ve recently become very infatuated with spin class, so let’s hope that translates to the Aussie trails!

I grew up in Eagle Pass, Texas with the support of two wonderful, kind parents and my younger sister. Family has always been extremely important to me.

I will ride for my aunt, Maria Socorro, whom after her battle with breast cancer that is now in remission, still tends to her garden that’s as beautiful as she is. I ride for my grandmother Clara that has been resilient through her own cancer scare. My family is as tight-knit as ever, so when one of us experiences this, we all do. I hope to ride to serve as a source of healing for myself and them.

I will be embarking on a 1,000km cycling journey from Melbourne to Sydney. Throughout the ride, we will be delivering health promotion programs to local communities in the aim of inspiring and empowering people to live healthy and active lives. It will be a challenge in a number of ways, but with your support, a real impact will be made! Funds raised in the Steer North Melbourne to Cairns Ride will benefit the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). The world-leading doctors, researchers, scientists, clinicians and nurses at the VCCC will use our funds to support cancer research, education and patient care.

This goes out to all the women in my family.
This goes out to everyone affected by cancer.
This goes out to you.

Thank you in advance for your generous gift!