Katie Cookson

Ride: Melbourne To Sydney

Team: 2017

Raised: $3,555

Target: $4,000


Passionate, disciplined, and athletic.

These are not words I would ever have thought I’d be putting in a self descriptor, but here they are and here they’ll stay because I say so.



Clearly you’ve taken an interest in my bio! Hooray! If you’re someone I know, thanks for checking this out! If you’ve found this purely through Internet wizardry… howdy!

About me: (within the About me section, which is what you’re reading) 21/f/Melbourne,Australia. That covers most of it.

About the ride(r): Super keen(absolutely), super mean (no), super green (kinda). There have been moments in the past month where I have wondered ‘what am I doing with my life, this is ridiculous and crazy’ which obviously means that I’m going in the right direction.

Honestly, it probably seems pretty nutty to ride from Melbourne to Sydney in only 12 days. But it’s for a fantastic cause, which is already having an impact. Did you know that a grad student got sponsored to study cancer treatments for four years through the funds raised in 2016? Well, you do now. Good luck getting that fact out of your head, it’s there forever~

Whether you suffered though this bio, skimmed it, or found it hysterically funny, please do consider donating.

I ride so science can make strides.


“cute and clever”- Boyfriend, 2017

“(You’re) not just a smartypants for a good cause”- Mum, 2017

“full of character”- friend, 2017

(Mum says to mention that I’m actually a nice person, so there’s that.)