Adonai Vera

Ride: Melbourne To Sydney

Team: 2017

Raised: $3,706

Target: $4,000


Wait !!! Don’t go …

It is said that the world moves from decisions, from ¿What would you like to breakfast? to ¿What is my purpose?. Now I’m 21 years old and made the decision to leave Colombia and go to a new world in Australia. I decided to buy my first bike to explore new paths that will lead me to learn more about the world and my purpose. I found the opportunity to live my experience on two wheels, an experience that goes over 1000 km. I feel a lot of emotions and I have just one goal ‘To contribute to research for cancer cure’ (The funds raised will be donated to the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)). If you couldn’t dream, today I might not be able to write this. Follow me in this great experience.

Un abrazos Parceros! Vamos para esa!