Our ride will be passing through regional and rural areas on the East coast of Australia as we #steernorth this December. In these communities, we aim to support and promote the initiatives that can be protective for health. These could be initiatives that promote social inclusion and social capital, physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, and access to health services. They could also be supporting the local economy or participation in education and sports.

Across Australia the rates of diseases such as cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes and cancer are alarming. These diseases have a number of modifiable risk factors, such as physical inactivity, smoking, unhealthy diet or drinking at dangerous levels. The answer to tackling these problems is not a one size fits all solution. This is why, what people living in rural and regional areas are already doing, or want to be doing in their own communities needs to be supported. The people who live and work in regional, rural and remote Australia are best placed to identify the health issues they face, and come up with solutions that work for them. Steer North wants to celebrate what they are doing, and help them keep doing it.

Steer North’s purpose is to advance health by inspiring and empowering people to live healthy and active lives. We are excited to meet and support others doing the same in regional and rural Australia.